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We supply, service and repair a wide range of products…

Tinting Machines & Mixers

Exclusive agents for Fast & Fluid tinting and mixing equipment, Lejn can offer new and refurbished manual and automatic machines  in proven brands such as Harbil, Tintmaster, Blendorama, Skandex

and Rotospin.

Colour Software & Spectrophotometers

Through Largoinnova, Lejn is able to offer one of the most complete and extensive colour match prediction systems available with components equally useful for research & development, colour Lab, quality control, production and point-of-sale, including a wide range of spectrophotometers.

In Plant Tinting & Dispensing Systems

As exclusive agents for Inkmaker we can provide automated dispensing systems for a huge array of applications;  their systems are used by many

of the biggest names in the inks, paints and packaging sectors.

Lab Equipments & Accessories

Exclusive agents for Sheen Instruments who are a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality inspection and testing instruments used in the paint, coating, automotive and other industries.

Filling Equipment

As exclusive agents for Gemini, Lejn can offer a wide range of dispensing, filling and cleaning solutions; including volumetric and gravimetric filling and pot washers.

Paint Manufacturing Equipment

Since 1992 IEC Plant Engineering  in Malaysia has been manufacturing a wide range of high quality Dispersion, Mixing and Grinding Equipment for Paint, Ink, Chemical, Adhesive and Polymer industries.

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